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wood-fired dough balls served with homemade garlic butter
cheesy miso Garlic bread (v)
pizza dough baked with our special homemade miso garlic butter and aged cheeses
dirty bear fries (v)
skin on fries, homemade queso roja, cheddar, chorizo, jalapeños and smoked bacon
caesar salad
cos leaves tossed in our homemade caesar dressing, garlic croutons & parmesan shavings
heavenly Halloumi & homemade sweet chilli (v)
halloumi in panko, served with homemade sweet chilli dip
sizzling wild Atlantic prawns
wild atlantic prawns in sizzling oil with garlic mushrooms and sourdough bread

WOOD FIRED NACHOS (the big portion is enough for two)

We make our own traditional Mexican queso roja by melting cheese with double cream and adding spices we grind ourselves to make a rich cheese sauce for all our nachos.

nachos grande (v) option
£7.50 / £13.95
tortilla chips, queso roja, jalapeños, pico de gallo, cheddar cheese with guacamole, salsa and creme mexicana
Nachos with Chicken and Incredible Wing sauce
£8.95 / £15.90
tortilla chips, queso roja, jalapeños, pico de gallo, cheddar cheese, torn bbq chicken, wing sauce with guacamole, salsa and creme mexicana
Nachos with 10 hour slow cooked Pulled Pork
£8.95 / £15.90
tortilla chips, queso roja, jalapeños, pico de gallo, cheddar cheese, pulled pork with guacamole, salsa and creme mexicana

INCREDIBLE WINGS (caution – incredibly addictive wings)

Our Incredible Buffalo wings are our biggest selling dish and have been so for many years. We started our search in 1979 to find the perfect recipe for chicken wings. We spent almost 20 years travelling the world trying wings on every continent.

It then took us 8 years to develop the recipe which is now regarded as the elixir of wing sauce here at The Old Auctioneer. Be warned. They are incredibly addictive hence the name Incredible Wings.

1/2 Kilo of our Incredible Buffalo Wings
1/2 Kilo of chicken wings, celery and homemade blue cheese dip
Huge portion (1 kilo) of our Incredible Buffalo Wings
1 Kilo of chicken wings, celery and homemade blue cheese dip (big enough for two reluctantly).
1/2 Kilo of BBQ Wings
1/2 Kilo of chicken wings, our bbq wing sauce has also been developed over many years and is not as spicy as our incredible wing sauce.
Huge portion (1 kilo) of BBQ Wings
1 Kilo of chicken wings, our bbq wing sauce has also been developed over many years and is not as spicy as our incredible wing sauce.
1/2 Kilo of sweet & sticky Wings
1/2 Kilo of chicken wings, our sweet & sticky wing sauce touches all the right buttons and is equally addictive (not spicy).
Huge portion (1 kilo) of sweet & sticky Wings
1 Kilo of chicken wings, our sweet & sticky wing sauce touches all the right buttons and is equally addictive (not spicy).


Wing night all night long, every Sunday from 18:00 – 21:00.
2-4-1 on all wings, all night.
Make Sunday night your regular Incredible Wing Night.


We make all of our pizzas from a natural biga we call the mother dough. Kneaded by hand using only the finest classic ingredients, Molino Caputo flour from Naples, San Marzano d.o.p. tomatoes from the Valle del Sarno and Fiore de latte mozzarella, and Grana Padano cheeses.

Our dough goes through a complex fermentation process of nearly 72 hours before it is ready to be baked for about 90 seconds at a temperature of 500°.

regina margherita (v)
Pepperoni Pizza
spicy, smoky pepperoni
Vegetarian Pizza (v)
mushrooms, onions, olives, sweetcorn, roasted bell peppers
bbq chicken Pizza
chicken, smokey bacon, bbq sauce & onions
dirty bear wing sauce pizza
chicken, buffalo wing sauce, leaves, & blue cheese dressing
pizza Napoli
anchovies, capers & olives
roasted ham & mushroom pizza
cured roasted ham & wild mushroom
Mexican chicken pizza
chicken, pico de gallo, salsa, guacamole, sour cream, jalapenos


We make our Calzones inside out by serving our San Marzano DOP pizza sauce as a side to be poured over or dipped in – whichever you prefer.

cheesy calzone
fior di latte mozarella, camembert, grana padano
vegetarian calzone (v)
goats cheese, sun dried tomato, spinach & cherry tomatoes
meaty calzone
chicken, chorizo, salami & spinach

From our Pasta Kitchen

We make all our own pasta fresh using the finest Caputo semolina flour and pasturized eggs.

The Old Auctioneer Lasagna
slow cooked bolognese, fresh pasta sheets, homemade queso & gran padano
Pesto is the Besto
fresh Basil and Nut Pesto, gran padano and homemade pasta
Chicken Tequila & Creamed Mushroom
chicken, portabello mushrooms, tequila, cream, butter, coriander, spinach tagliatelle


We think our giant burgers are the best in Oxfordshire, made fresh daily by Wykham Park Farm using local longhorn cattle and grilled over real charcoal at 500°. We make our chicken burgers daily using a whole chicken fillet and our pulled pork is slow-cooked through the night for 10 hours.

House bacon & cheese burger
the ultimate smoked bacon & aged cheddar burger
Heavenly Halloumi Burger
fresh halloumi in panko, topped with homemade sweet chilli jam
lamb, mint & tzatziki burger
Cotswold lamb & fresh mint burger with homemade tzatziki
The chicken schnitzel bacon & cheese burger
the bacon, cheese & chicken schnitzel combo burger that will tickle your taste buds!
pulled pork burger
ten hour slow cooked pulled pork in homemade bbq sauce and topped with coleslaw
truffle mayo & caramelized onion bacon & cheese burger
homemade truffle mayo and sweet caramelized onions under our bacon and cheese burger
fat santa burger
the full works - a house bacon and cheeseburger topped with chicken schnitzel and pulled pork (for humongous appetites only)

All burgers are served in a dressed brioche bun with skin-on fries, and our homemade coleslaw


Our steaks are supplied by Wykham Park Farm who have their own herd of Longhorn Beef Cattle. They are grilled at over 500c inside our charcoal ovens. We serve them with our famous steak sauce made from fresh cream, herbs and spices and a choice of creamy potato gratin or skin on fries, sauteed mushrooms and onions. Our Pork Tomahawk steaks are from Award-winning Packington Free Range Farm in Staffordshire.

Sirloin Steak 8oz
Rib Eye Steak 8oz


BBQ gunpowder chicken
half chicken, cut into pieces, marinated and grilled fresh to order in our charcoal oven. We have our own charcoal locally made for this dish giving a wonderful smoked bbq flavour. Served with homemade chimichurri, skin on fries and tzatziki
Chicken schnitzel caesar salad
homemade chicken schnitzel sauteed in butter over our classic caesar salad
smoked miso butter salmon
salmon filet baked in parchment with our homemade smoked miso garlic butter & served with creamy potato gratin and seasonal vegetable medley


Skewers of marinated meats and vegetables grilled over real charcoal in our Inka oven served with homemade tzatziki (minted cucumber & yoghurt), mixed salad and skin on fries.

Choice of 2 skewers:
Fillet of chicken | Tiger Prawns | Halloumi (v)


All our fajita spices & marinades are homemade from traditional Mexican recipes and are served on a sizzling skillet with flour tortillas, salsa, guacamole, crema Mexicana, cheddar and iceberg.

Chicken Fajitas
smoked tofu & chickpea Fajitas (v)
wild Atlantic Prawn Fajitas


Side salad (v)
creamy potato gratin
Coleslaw (v)
Skin on fries (v)
Skin on fries (Sweet Potato Fries upgrade) (v)
extra £1.75
pulled pork
piri piri sauce
wing sauce


We make all our own desserts using recipes we have perfected over the last 35 years. our Toblerone cheesecake has been our biggest selling dessert for all those years. We make it fresh daily.

fabulous Toblerone Cheesecake
fabulous homemade cheesecake topped with shortbread crumbs and butterscotch sauce
Sticky Toffee Pudding & brandy-snap basket
luscious homemade sticky toffee pudding, homemade brandysnap basket, treacle sauce and ice cream
black forest pavlova
homemade pavlova, fresh fruit and berries, cream, and ice cream
Caramelised Apple & berry Crumble
slow baked with crumble topping served warm with ice cream or fresh cream
Dirty Bears Gooey Chocolate Brownie (n)
homemade brownie served warm with melting vanilla ice cream or fresh cream (includes nuts)

SUNDAY ROASTS – 12:00 – until sold out!

All of our roasts are served with homemade Yorkshire puddings, seasoned vegetables sauteed in butter, roasted rosemary potatoes and homemade gravy.

wykham park longhorn roast beef and Yorkshire pud
our local roast beef is slowly roasted through the night, giving you the most tender roast beef
slow roasted Cotswold shoulder of lamb
slow-roasted for a minimum of 12 hours
kids roast

(v) Vegetarian | (n) Contains Nuts

Where possible all dietary requirements are accommodated, please let us know at the time of booking.


12:00 – 21:00 DAILY

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